Want To Get More Done? Take More Breaks

by EnergyTeam on May 10, 2013

A lot of people I talk with struggle with a feeling of not getting enough done. They feel like they have an endless to do list, and a very limited amount of time. They feel as if they are pushing harder but not getting farther. Like their energy levels are low, low, low…

One of the things you can do in these cases is to ask yourself: Am I taking enough breaks?

Look, there is no point in working yourself to the bone.

In fact, breaks are crucially important.

They are just as important as the silence between notes in a piece of music. If there would be no silence in between the notes, the music would just be a terrible cacophony. And if you don’t take enough breaks between your work-time, your life will be a cacophony as well – a chaotic mix of stress and and pressure. It’s important that you have some way to recharge your batteries, and that you actually DO IT.


How much energy do you have?

by EnergyTeam on April 11, 2013

Here’s a little exercise I would like you to do. In a moment, I want you to close your eyes and answer this question to yourself:

How much energy do I have? How “full” or “empty” is my energy tank?

And there is no scientific or objective correct way of answering this question.

But just imagine for a moment that you have an energy tank in your body, and get a feel for how full or empty it is.

And this might be a bit of an uncomfortable exercise for some people, because it’s so “imaginary”, but it is nonetheless a surprisingly precise indicator of your overall energy levels.

The purpose of this website is to get you to a point where your tank is always full and even overflowing with energy.

But doing this little exercise can help you to get a feel for where you are at right now – a kind of measurement stick that helps you to compare your current status. Because then you can find out what you can do to improve your energy levels.


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