Causes of Low Energy

If you are feeling tired and drained, there are many possible causes of low energy. I wish I could tell you there is a super-easy quick-fix way to identify with pinpoint accuracy the  cause of your fatigue… but the truth is: there isn’t.

However, the chances that the reason for your fatigue is due to a common reason are much higher than that your fatigue is due to some absurd reason. (Simply by the numbers). But even when it comes to common causes of low energy, there are many of them. In the following article, we’re going to look at many of the common causes of fatigue in a general overview way. For more detailed information, I suggest you sign up for the free energy coaching by putting your email in the field.

Common Causes of Low Energy

  • Diet
    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most common causes of low energy can be an imbalanced diet. After all, as human beings we get a big amount of their energy from the food we eat. Eat the wrong foods (aka put in the wrong fuels), and the “machine” won’t run well.
  • Stress & Burn-Out
    Let’s face it: we live in a challenging world. Everybody is constantly expected to perform, perform, and then perform some more. Employers now demand not 100% from their employees, but 110%. And with the current state of the economy, many people are afraid of losing their jobs and thus work harder than ever before. But there are long-term dangers to that. You can only expect so much from your body and your mind to follow suit. Yes, your body can handle serious strain for a certain amount of time. But once that “limit line” is crossed, you start to crack.
  • Sleep Problems
    Whether you just don’t sleep enough, of whether the sleep you get is low-quality sleep – you’d be surprised how many people suffer from low energy levels “just” because of their sleep. There are many things that can naturally be done to improve your sleep quality, but be aware that they take a bit of time.
  • Depression
    Many people with low energy also feel really bad – depression is a terrible state to be in. One of the big challenges with depressed people is that they lack the motivation to do anything – including doing something about their own state of wellbeing. It’s not that they are lazy. It’s that their brain-chemistry is messed up and needs to be altered, before they can empower themselves again. There actually ARE natural ways to change the brain chemistry, through dietary changes and lifestyle changes, and I go into more detail in the energy coaching.
  • Digestive Problems
    Even if you eat the right foods the right way – when you have digestive problems, your body might not be able to break down and process the nutrients in the food, causing you to feel tired.
  • Thyroid problems
    Many people with low energy have an under-active thyroid. There are things you can do about it, and those will elevate your energy levels too.
  • Medication
    Some medications are known to cause tiredness.
  • Liver problems
    If there are issues with your liver, then it’s very possible that (little hidden) toxins accumulate in your body and hinder optimum functioning – which again results in you being tired.

This was a quick overview of the most common causes of low energy and fatigue. I hope you found it useful. For more information on each point, sign up for the free energy coaching by putting in your email in the field on the right side of this webpage.

One thought on “Causes of Low Energy

  1. Eastbury

    On March, I started taking huge amount of caffeine to enable me to cope with my aerobic classes in order to loose weight, I found that the caffeine did not only give me energy but also, it got rid of all the physiological defects that I used to think they are impossible to change such as the mental dizziness, inability to think quickly and articulate, mental confusion, constant loss of memory, mild dementia, numbness in the hands that resembles a wave of electric shocks in the muscles, extreme sensibility to darkness and light where my mood deteriorates very dramatically as soon as the natural light decreases or disappears, anxiety and paranoia, extreme difficulty to focus and concentrate on listening or reading, drifting to sleep while sitting down and reading or teaching my children specially in the afternoons, delays on understanding and therefore, unable to think at my feet and decide what to do or to say accordingly, emotional eating, severe constipation, very bad posture which lead to chronic back pain, dramatic absence of energy that leaves me feeling drained, sad, lonely and very depressed indeed. I called this my caffeine revolution. In fact, I felt like this but it never crossed my mind to search for reasons because I never knew any different. I thought that was a natural part of me and not due to a physiological defect. I used to have these symptoms for as long as I could remember and they were, as far as every body was concerned, a part of me that cannot be helped. The caffeine taught my body to behave and respond in ways that were aliens to its world. I found myself gradually but rapidly changing into an active person with a fast metabolism, a fit person with a better body image, a smarter person, a non paranoid person (no matter what the problems are, I just don’t dwell on them anymore), a faster thinker, a better articulate person, a better social life with the new ability to communicate with people and make friends. I suddenly realised that all my physical defects were due to a lack of energy and by searching on the internet, I found that this could be due to underactive thyroid, but the blood test came negative. So, what is it wrong with me?

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